3 EASY STEPS TO EXCHANGE YOUR GOLD FOR CASH 1 Register to receive your free gold exchange kit or print a FedEx label. 2 Gather all your old, broken, or unwanted gold or platinum jewelry and ship it to us for free. 3 Receive your payment in as little as 48 hours after shipment. *Items processed within 1 business day of receipt.Check may take up to 7 business days to arrive by mail.
MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES PAID We pay the most competitive prices for your gold whether you send us just one item or many items. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Receive immediate payment at the most competitive prices or your jewelry will be returned at no cost to you. FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND We make a video of your items being unpacked and processed, then post the video online for you to view. A MATTER OF TRUST We created the BJ's Gold Exchange in response to the many requests we have received from our members, who were looking for a secure way to exchange their gold items for cash. And as always, our members' satisfaction comes first.
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